San Francisco's Best Yoga Trainer & Instructor Coming to Bikini Bootcamp in Tulum !


The SOfit Mind Body Retreat is all about you. From busy moms to workaholics, we all need to get away from the daily grind and connect with beauty, positive energy, fun, and relaxation. The SOfit retreat offers a balanced approached to wellness, by incorporating Fitness, Yoga, Communication, Journaling, fullfiling your own needs and of course a chance to get away and have fun in paradise. It might just give you a new perspective the next time you get caught up in the usual madness of life.

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5 Fun Summer Fitness Ideas for the Warmer Months

If you get hot just thinking about working out in the summer, we have a few tips to make summer fitness more fun in the warmer months. If you want to constantly do push-ups and crunches to get fit, you can certainly do so, but if you crave more excitement in your fitness routine, try any of the five activities below. Be creative in the warmer weather  for your summer fitness routine. That means you can have fun while you soak up some Vitamin D, burn calories, and get in shape – no boring workouts required! Here are a few workout ideas that will have you looking and feeling good this summer:

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Add Coconut Oil for a Proper Protein-Based Breakfast

Ever thought about starting your day with an amazing clear energy that keeps you full for several hours?

Try adding extra virgin coconut oil in your coffee! Put one tablespoon in a cup of good coffee add a few drops of stevia and blend until there is a thick layer of foam on top like a latte. voila! A coconut frothy delicious is born.

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