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The perfect place for an escape to paradise and rejuvenate yourself with our beachfront fitness bootcamps. The village like setting along with a beachfront terrace, lounge, restaurant, yoga shalas, and massage rooms make up the property. A tranquil setting that embodies community, yet space to relax on ones own.

Accommodations range from beachfront suites to cozy rooms to meet all budgets and sizes. The architecture embodies the signature eco-chic style of Amansala and includes driftwood, smooth cement and thatched roofs with staircases that weave together the various spaces within the resort.

All cabanas are equipped with private bath with choice of one bed, two queen beds or even three beds. Relaxed luxury is what we’re all about.

Bikini Bootcamp Rates

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**All rooms are unique but all feature bathrooms, comfortable beds, large closet areas to allow you to settle in for your stay, and attention to detail. We have something for everyones budget ranging from economy garden small rooms to beautiful beachfront deluxe rooms. Please continue reading below for more details




$3,950 per person

Our Beach Front Deluxe room features a king bed, that can be booked for one person wanting to pamper themselves or with two people comfortable sharing a bed. This is one of our largest room types at the Amansala with a spacious terrace, direct beachfront views and large bathrooms.



$3,600 per person

Smaller than the deluxe rooms, but still with a nice beach view and king bed.



$3,300 per person

Charming smaller rooms with a partial sea views. Not quite beachfront but views of the sea, perfect for anyone wanting privacy without the cost of the beachview or deluxe rooms.



$2,950 per person

Feel at east in this sweet eco-style room with adorning design elements that will truly make you feel that you're on a relaxing holiday! It has a comfy and spacious bed and has calming garden views to make you feel more zen and at peace with oneself



$2,650 per person

Sweet eco-style room with a king bed, nice light, set with a garden view.





$2,625 per person

Spacious room set up for sharing comfortably with two closets, large bathroom and two queen beds. If traveling alone we match you with another solo traveler of the same sex. If traveling with someone you can indicate your roommate at the time of booking.



$2,475 per person

Spacious room with garden view set up for sharing comfortably with two closets, large bathroom and two queen beds. If traveling alone we match you with another solo traveler of the same sex. If traveling with someone you can indicate your roommate at the time of booking.



$2,250 per person

Spacious room with three beds are the most economical option. These rooms are large facing the garden and offer the least expensive way to join us for Bikini Bootcamp. If you are traveling alone we will match you with other campers, and if traveling with friends, let us know at the time of booking. If reserving a triple room we sometimes have an option to take a beachfront room with one king and a queen bed if two people are open to sharing a bed. Request at the time of booking.


Spa Services



**Two 1-hour massages are included with all Bikini Bootcamp Packages**



The therapists at Amansala are truly excellent who nurture your body using essential oils, energy work, therapeutic and deep tissue massage. You can upgrade to a Mayan healing massage for $45 extra which is a 90 minute service with one of our therapist who use more intuitive, energy work in addition to a deep tissue massage. You can request at the time of booking or once here.

Full spa menu available is available at resort and you can sign up for your massages upon arrival.



Included in your stay is the famous Mayan Clay Treatment that uses locally sources clay fill with minerals to replenish your body while at the same time detoxifying your body of any toxins both physically and emotionally. Done as a group this ritual consists of an explanation, application, guided meditation and then a rinse in the Caribbean Sea with a focus on letting go of the old to make room for the new.



Temazcal is a sweat lodge where a group enters a stone igloo with little or no clothing on and sweating out toxins to the sound of chanting and the fragrance of herbs. This is a ceremonial practice that dates back to when the Mayan civilization was at the height of its power.

It is carried out for small groups by a shaman (usually a member of one of the Mayan communities in the surrounding area of Tulum, the process lasts two hours. During the session, rosemary, basil, peppermint and other scents waft over a vapor created by the shaman as he or she gently throws water over a pile of hot rocks in a pit in the middle of the floor.

You will be kept hydrated with herbal tea and will be permitted to lie down, walk around, or sit still — whatever it takes to cleanse your body and the mind.

**Not included in the Bikini Bootcamp package but can be added on site for $85**


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